Aesthetic medicine

The main aesthetic medicine treatments that can be carried out with the Venusian CO2 device are:


In Aesthetic medicine and in particuar in edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy treatment. (commonly called “cellulitis”), the more effective therapies are those that can work on microcirculation alteration, and on histomorphological alterations (adipocyte aggregation in micro and macro nodules and formation of fibrous septa).

Aesthetic medicine makes ample use of CO2 in this field, as it generates significant arteriole and meta-arteriole vasodilation in the treated areas. This increases the speed of tissue blood flow and determines an increase of the vascular bed of tissue microcirculation (vasodilation or pseudo-angiogenesis). This, thanks to the Bohr effect, actually induces an extremely high increase of oxygen in tissues. These phenomena bring about the reactivation of cellulite affected tissues, which, after the treatment, also achieve visual, tactile and structural benefits.  In these tissues also a decrease and relaxation of fibrous septa can be notices. All these effects induce a decrease in the pain felt when touching the affected areas, a decrease in skin dips and in orange peel skin, as well as reactivating tissue functions


Carboxytherapy, as intended in Aesthetic Medicine, acts on adipose tissue simultaneously in two different ways. Its direct action damages adipocyte cell walls, with no damage to connective tissues, vessels and nervous structures. Membrane rupture is actually a lipoclasic effect inducing an actual decrease in localized adipose deposits. Indirectly instead, higher circulation flow speed makes it possible, thanks to increased oxygen bio-availability, to stimulate and favor lipolysis. The results achievable are consequently of great relevance in terms of adiposity volume


In Aesthetic Medicine, Carboxy Therapy treatment causes an increase in the percentage of oxygen in the tissues, improving tissue elasticity strongly and favoring skin rejuvenation.

It also stimulates fibroblasts, favoring metabolic exchanges in the extracellular matrix with a natural bio-stimulation effect and –where necessary-with a mechanical fiber loosening action.


General video treatments


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