Azioni della Carbossiterapia sulla Circolazione


Subcutaneous injection of carbon dioxide results in:
  • an improvement in arteriolar and metarterial sphygmicity, leading to improved blood flow and velocity at a microcirculatory level;
  • a release of smooth muscle fibrocells of precapillary sphincters, with a marked increase in local vascularization;
  • improved flow of red blood cells through microcirculation, thanks to an increase in their deformability
  • an increased release of oxygen into the tissues (as per the Bohr Effect the affinity of oxygen of hemoglobin is reduced);
  • a powerful stimulus to initiate angiogenesis (synthesis of new blood vessels).


The lowering of PH values, due to the presence of CO2, is also the cause of the rightward shift of the dissociation curve of hemoglobin, with consequent increased release of O2 at tissue level.
It is observable as an increase in the partial pressure of O2 at tissue level.
Hatmann et al. showed that in treated arteriopathic patients there was an increase in local circulation parameters with increased walking time on treadmill test and an overall positive clinical and instrumental effect.

Azioni della Carbossiterapia - Effetto Bohr
Azioni della carbossiterapia sul grasso


Direct lipolytic effects related to the mechanical action of the flow of gas injected into the hypodermis without damage to other tissues and an indirect lipolytic effect related to the ability of the gas to increase the bioavailability of O2 (enhancement of the Bohr effect) for adipocyte metabolic activities, including oxidative processes of fatty acids.
A further “fat-burning” effect is due to the mechanical activation of specific skin receptors (Golgi and Pacini corpuscles) and the release of molecules (bradykinin, serotonin, AMPc…) that activate, through complex biomolecular mechanisms, several enzymatic systems including intralipocyte lipases, thus obtaining the hydrolysis of triglycerides (1 glycerol + 3 fatty acids).


General appearance of the skin improves, becoming more toned, more compact, more glowing. This is due to increased blood flow, tissue oxygenation and the action on fibroblasts, i.e. the cells capable of producing collagen and elastic fibers (thickening of the dermis).

Azioni della carbossiterapia sulla cute


Analgesia occurs as a result of a local increase in subcutaneous blood flow and stimulation of local receptors Secondary influences are observed regarding inflammatory cytokine and trigger point inhibition.


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