The main dermatology treatments that can be carried out with the Venusian CO2 device are:

Dermatologia- alopecia e diradamento


In Dermatology, Carboxytherapy is used to fight baldness and is specifically indicated for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, both female and male. This condition, at some stage in their lives, affects 50% of men and 20% of women. Androgenic alopecia is characterized by slow, almost imperceptible, hair loss, primarily in areas of the forehead, temples and upper part of the body, mainly due to androgenic hormones. Hair loss and thinning are caused by a combination of factors, including genetic predisposition and bad circulation in the scalp area.

In the field of dermatology, it has been proven that Carboxytherapy is extremely effective in helping reverse this trend thanks to the stimulation of  hair follicle dermal papilla stem cells, as well as improved local blood circulation brought about by gas induced vasodilation that increases oxygen availability in the tissues. Another point worth underlining is the beneficial action of Carboxytherapy in fighting scalp fibrosis (decreased scalp mobility)


In Dermatology, a very important disease is Psoriasis, which is an inflammatory skin disease, usually chronic, characterized by the appearance of red erythematous inflamed patches, often covered with dry scales presenting color deviation between white and gray, hyperkeratosis, fissures and pustules. It has been discovered that microcirculation stasis could cause / trigger the psoriatic inflammatory process. With this in mind, Carboxytherapy started being used as a technique to be combined with traditional treatments thanks to its capacity to increase tissue oxygen bioavailability. In order to ensure intense stimulation and rapid improvement treatments should occur twice a week.

dermatologia - psoriasi ed eczemi
dermatologia - smagliature e cicatrici


In modern dermatology it is now possible to eliminate stretch marks and treat scar tissue thanks to Carboxytherapy which works mostly on peripheral vascularization –improving it from the very first treatment.  It also induces, thanks to the Bohr effect, an increase in oxygen levels, as well as, local improvement of collagenase, improvement in the compactness of fibers, a greater cell hydration and better fluidity of cell membranes. When treating scars, small quantities of Carbon Dioxide are injected once a week for 15 weeks. In the case of stretch marks the treatment is different – especially if they are large and not recent – as they require larger quantities of CO2 and treatment time is between 15 and 20 weeks.


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