The main phlebology treatments that can be performed with the Venusian CO2 device are:

Flebologia - patologie vascolari - linfedema


  • Microcirculation stasis (moderate venous insufficiency: Carboxytherapy is commonly used with excellent results in phlebology for treating microcirculatory stasis and venous insufficiency as it is capable of reactivating lymphatic-venous-arterial microcirculation, thus easing the burden of the blood vessels. This is possible only thanks to the action of CO2 which mechanically reopens closed capillaries and reactivates malfunctioning ones, increases oxygen percentage in the tissues. Also, since locally injected CO2 has a vasodilating action, it makes it possible to reverse the “waste” accumulation process brought on by microcirculation alteration.
  • Acrocyanosis and vascular diseases: The most common acrocyanotic syndromes are Raynaud’s phenomenon and syndrome. We must not underestimate the possible autoimmune etiopathogenesis of these diseases, which obviously require specific therapies. However, Carboxytherapy may be used as a viable therapy for improving microcirculation and reducing symptoms (pain, tingling) and signs (cyanosis, that is to say bluish fingers and toes, or cold extremities) due to its vasodilating properties that cause an increase in the venous bed and a volumetric and pressure load reduction on suffering veins.
  • RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome)
  • Peripheral Vascular Disorders (arterial or venous)
  • Vascular lesions and venous insufficiency
  • Vascular based male sexual impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) 


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